Continual Improvement

Continual Improvement

Process Improvement Project Manager – deploying and maintaining improvement processes through the implementation of quality assurance, environmental and safety management standards, continuous improvement strategies and best practices.

Continual improvement of the organization’s overall performance should be a permanent objective of the organization.

Key benefits:

  • Performance advantage through improved organizational capabilities.
  • Alignment of improvement activities at all levels of an organization’s strategic intent.
  • Flexibility to react quickly to opportunities.

Applying the principle of continual improvement typically leads to:

  • Employing a consistent organization-wide approach to continual improvement of the organization’s performance.
  • Providing people with training in the methods and tools of continual improvement.
  • Making continual improvement of products, processes and systems an objective for every individual in the organization.
  • Establishing goals to guide and measures to track continual improvement.
  • Recognizing and acknowledging improvements.